Photo Booth App

The simple requirement was to get camera streaming and frame caputure working in the browser. After this was accomplished, I used this project as a playground to try out different ideas and add a little more excitement to the user experience.

Fit-Genie Responsive Screenshots

The Ugly Duckling

The app started off as a plain video capture window and a button to capture frames. It worked well, but didn't provide a very exciting user experience.

Fit-Genie Responsive Screenshots

A Splash of Color

The first step was to add a little bit of CSS styling and custom web fonts for a look that was more fun. Sass was used to keep the stylesheets tidy and DRY.

Fit-Genie Responsive Screenshots

Photo Filters, Shutter & Flash

Finally, I added a few bonus features using JavaScript. There's a flash effect and shutter sound triggered by the button click, and filters to make your photos more interesting. It isn't an Instagram killer, but it has certainly come a long way from where it started.