UI Refresh

The Northern Alaska website hadn't been updated since the early 2000s. It looked dated, and the table-based design limited it's abilitiy to display well on anything other than desktop. The redesign brings it up to date with a simplified information architecture and full responsiveness.

Fit-Genie Responsive Screenshots

Previous Design

The original site was built using a fixed width table layout, making it horrible for SEO and not adaptable to today's wide variety of devices and screen sizes.

Fit-Genie Responsive Screenshots

Redesign – Responsive

The redesign brings the site up to date with current design trends. Multiple breakpoints allow for a great browsing experience on any size screen.

Fit-Genie Responsive Screenshots

Improved Navigation

The adventure menu now sits on the top nav bar – always available to the user. This frees up valuable horizontal space for a more pleasing layout and gives the site on the whole a more modern feel.

Fit-Genie Responsive Screenshots

Subtle Interactions

Using CSS3, interactions like info-revealing rollovers and subtle link transitions are created. They add a level of polish and elegance for newer browsers, but don't detract from the experience on those less capable.